Status Update - 2022-12

Console status update - December 2022. New homepage and devtools jobs.
Status Update - 2022-12

This is a monthly series reporting on how things are going at Console. This post looks at what happened in December.

Focus for December

I wrote last month:

As well as Jobs Console product improvements, we are redesigning the Console homepage. The last 2 newsletters of the year will be a "Top 10" countdown of the  most popular tools of the year based on clicks in the newsletter (as a ratio against the number of recipients). We're also planning Season 4 of our podcast, due to start recording in 2023.

So how did we do?

Jobs Console

Developers started signing up to Jobs Console in September and we began running our first matches in October.  We now have almost 3,500 developers signed up to receive matches, and I'm pleased that we placed our first candidate at the end of the year. They went through several rounds of interviews, received an offer, which was accepted. It's great to see the product work end to end!

New Console homepage

We released a refreshed design for the Console homepage to focus on our three main "products" - the weekly devtools newsletter, the devtools podcast (season 4 is in development), and Jobs Console.

Refreshed Console homepage.

Focus for January

We had the whole team in the office this week (we normally work a remote/hybrid model) to run through the product screen by screen, so the next few months will be focused on product tweaks that came out of those discussions. We'll also be onboarding new hiring partners.

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