Status Update - 2022-11

Console status update - November 2022. Devtools jobs.
Status Update - 2022-11

This is a monthly series reporting on how things are going at Console. This post looks at what happened in November.

Focus for November

I wrote last month:

Now Jobs Console is in-use end to end, we're iterating as we receive feedback from developers and companies. Keep an eye on the monthly Jobs Console Changelog for details!

So how did we do?

Jobs Console

Developers started signing up to Jobs Console in September and we began running our first matches in October. November was a month of onboarding new hiring partners and iterating on the product.

There are now over 2,500 developers signed up to receive matches - no more than 1 per week, assuming we have a match for your preferences. We paid particular attention to this experience, redesigning the match email to provide our own short commentary for each role, and adding new tech stack options beyond just language choices.

We also refined our matching algorithm based on feedback from candidates passed over to hiring managers (only when a developer opts-in).

A full hiring process also takes time - it's been interesting to see how different companies run their process, but it always involves many stages. Despite this, we've now made some successful referrals which have resulted in developers receiving offers! It's exciting to be building a product that can really improve the hiring & jobs market experience for developers, which has historically been poor.

Focus for December

As well as Jobs Console product improvements, we are redesigning the Console homepage. The last 2 newsletters of the year will be a "Top 10" countdown of the  most popular tools of the year based on clicks in the newsletter (as a ratio against the number of recipients). We're also planning Season 4 of our podcast, due to start recording in 2023.

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