Status Update - 2022-10

Console status update - October 2022. Devtools jobs.
Status Update - 2022-10

This is a monthly series reporting on how things are going at Console. This post looks at what happened in October.

Focus for October

I wrote last month:

We will shortly begin sending the first Jobs Console matches to developers who have signed up. And of course, expect normal service with the weekly devtools newsletter.

So how did we do?

Jobs Console

We started allowing sign ups to Jobs Console in September, our new product to help developers find the best jobs. And as planned, at the end of October we started make our the first matches.

As a developer, your profile is completely private and we match based on preferences like tech stack, salary range, and location (including remote). Only if you flag interest in a role does the hiring manager then get to see details about your profile.

We've continued to partner with new companies hiring in the devtools space, such as r2c, Replay, and Hookdeck. We're working directly with the hiring manager for each position so we can get more detailed information about the role, and refer any matching candidates to the right person.

Focus for November

Now Jobs Console is in-use end to end, we're iterating as we receive feedback from developers and companies. Keep an eye on the monthly Jobs Console Changelog for details!

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