Status update - 2022-07

Console status update - July 2022. Devtools jobs, podcast season 3, subscriber growth.
Status update - 2022-07

This is a monthly series reporting on how things are going at Console. This post looks at what happened in July.

Focus for July

I wrote last month:

This will be a summer of building! There won't be much to report for now, but we intend to open things up as we launch the new product in September. In the meantime, expect normal service with the weekly newsletter!

So how did we do?

Devtools jobs

Nothing to report publicly on the new product other than we're on track for our planned initial release next month!

Console Podcast Season 3

Season 3 of the Console Devtools Podcast has just concluded with 25% more listeners than season 2. Interestingly, we see that only 40-50% of an episode's downloads come in the first 7 days of its release.

We record all episodes in advance and then release weekly for the season. This means we batch recording and production in the space of a few weeks, which helps making the logistics more efficient for everyone.

We've not yet started planning for season 4.

Subscriber growth

We now have 24k subscribers to the Console newsletter, with almost 80% having at least 5 years coding experience.

We pride ourselves on being transparent in our editorial approach and all potential partners must meet the selection criteria before we will work with them. Partners are able to choose the date of their review, which will appear first in the newsletter, but they do not get to influence or even read the review before it is published.

We're booking sponsored slots into October now, so if you're interested in a review this year then get in touch!

Focus for August

As with last month, we're working on our new jobs product so that is our focus for August. In the meantime, expect normal service with the weekly newsletter.

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