Status update - 2022-05

Console status update - May 2022. Devtools jobs.
Status update - 2022-05

This is a monthly series reporting on how things are going at Console. This post looks at what happened in May.

Focus for May

I wrote last month:

In May we'll be launching the initial test of our jobs email product.

So how did we do?

Devtools jobs

We now have 12 profiles of how different companies run engineering behind the scenes: AutoCloud, CodeSee,, Grafbase, Oso, Primer, Retool, Snaplet, Sourcegraph, Steadybit, Trunk, Vantage.

These have also started to appear in the weekly Console newsletter:

Screenshot of the Sourcegraph profile extract in the weekly Console newsletter.

We have also started testing signups to the jobs product that I described last month:

Most engineers have experienced the pain of trying to find interesting places to work, recruiter spam, and discovering roles that match their preferences. Companies hiring see the other side - low response rates, difficulty standing out, and major challenges even finding the best people. Over the coming months we'll be developing this idea further with the aim of launching an email-first product for experienced engineers to find the best jobs and for companies to reach the best engineers.

There is no product yet, but we have built a landing page with a form that takes submissions. Before we start any proper product development, we want to test the core value proposition and explore whether we can get engineers to sign up. This is based on the classic Tim Ferriss Test and will give us useful data to help deciding what to build.

Signup form for the jobs test.

Focus for June

The next few months will be focused on developing our hypothesis for the jobs product. This will include new profiles on the website and talking to devtools companies who are hiring to understand their needs better. Get in touch if you're hiring!

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