Status update - 2022-02

Console status update - February 2022. Devtools podcast website.
Status update - 2022-02

This is a monthly series reporting on how things are going at Console. This post looks at what happened in February.

Focus for February

I wrote last month:

We're now halfway through season 2 of the Console Devtools Podcast. Currently, the episode index is hosted by Simplecast, but we want to bring that onto our own website. This will include a full season index, show notes and transcripts.

So how did we do?

Podcast website

The Console website now hosts the Console DevTools Podcast index, episode pages, transcripts and show notes. Media streaming is still handled by Simplecast because we don't want to run the file hosting, CDN and analytics, but all links now point to our website.

Console DevTools Podcast index page.

The episode pages include a floating player and episode highlights which skip to the right place in the audio.

Floating player from a specific highlight on an episode page.

There are also widgets around the site, such as on the homepage and the text-interviews we do with tool founders and developers.

Homepage episode widget.
Interviews episode widget.

Focus for March

Now we have several main website sections, we'll be revamping the top menu so it can display more items and automatically collapse for smaller screens. We're also working on building out the devtools jobs section of our website. This already features in the email newsletter, but we want to go further with website profiles.

Console newsletter jobs section on 2022-02-03.

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