Status update - 2022-01

Console status update - January 2022. Website tweaks and server monitoring tool reviews.
Status update - 2022-01

This is a monthly series reporting on how things are going at Console. This post looks at what happened in January.

Focus for January

I wrote last month:

We'll be reviewing our website to make a range of small tweaks to improve the UX, such as the new footer design that went out just before the end of 2021. This will include rethinking the Tools section which has now hit the limits of just listing all tool reviews  - we have too many!

So how did we do?

Website tweaks

We made a range of tweaks to the Console website.

On smaller screens, the filters used on the tools and beta lists were improved to indicate which ones have been selected.

Before - filtered selected but no indication.
After - collapsed box with filters highlighted.

A new search box was also added.

Search box.

And you can now group betas by category:

Grouped betas.

We also implemented several image optimizations so now lazy load to avoid downloading lots of unnecessary images on every page load. Images are also served using WebP formats where possible, which reduces data transfer.

Finally, our build process now minifies JS and CSS.

Website monitoring tool reviews

Our roundup of the best website monitoring tools for developers was expanded with individual, detailed reviews for each of the 7 tools that we ranked (Datadog, Uptrends, Checkly, Site24x7, New Relic,, and Rapidspike).

The best website monitoring tools.

Focus for February

We're now halfway through season 2 of the Console Devtools Podcast. Currently, the episode index is hosted by Simplecast, but we want to bring that onto our own website. This will include a full season index, show notes and transcripts.

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