Status update - 2021-09

Console status update - September 2021: advertise page, website improvements and subscriber growth.
Status update - 2021-09

This is a monthly series reporting on how things are going at Console. This post looks at what happened in September.

Focus for September

I wrote last month:

In September we expect to publish more about how our advertising works and some case studies about existing partners. We also have some plans for more website improvements...

So how did we do?


We completed the internal design work for the Advertise web page, and a PDF version to send out for any inbound inqueries. This emphasizes that whilst we work with vendors, our editorial process is independent and we must complete a successful review against our selection criteria before our ad packages are available.

We compiled several case studies with partners we've worked with recently, and the PDF version of ther advertiser kit is now live. In the next week or two the website version will be finished as well.

Website improvements

We deployed a range of tweaks including improved padding and spacing on mobile, plus a lightly animated background on the homepage. 74% of our website visits are on mobile so improvements for small screens were our focus.

Subscriber growth

We started September with just under 9,000 subscribers, but have started October with more than 11,000! We're really happy with this growth given we only launched at the start of 2021.

However, it's not just about subscriber count - we are also monitoring our engagement figures. We only track clicks and are pleased that the click-through rate remains very high and unsubscribe rate is very low even as we add more subscribers.

During September we also ran a subscriber survey, which closes today. We had a great response to both quantiative and qualitative feedback e.g. 75% of our audience have more than 5 years coding experience and 68% have tried a new tool as a result of seeing it in the newsletter. We'll be analyzing the results over the next week.

Focus for October

This month we will finish the Advertise page on the website and then move on to producing some review embed badges. Our reviews are fully independent and we only feature the tools we think are the best. Some vendors have asked to feature those reviews and our endorsement on their own website and materials, so we're going to produce some assets to help them do that!

We're also planning season 2 of our podcast, which will be a different format: 30 minute interviews with guests on a specific devtools topic. We hope to start recording ready to release towards the end of the year.

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