Status update - 2021-08

Console status update - August 2021: some time off.
Status update - 2021-08

This is a monthly series reporting on how things are going at Console. This post looks at what happened in August.

Focus for August

I wrote last month:

In August the newsletter and podcast episodes will continue on our normal schedule, but there will be no major releases because our team is taking some time off!

So how did we do?

No major releases

We achieved our goal of no major releases whilst the team took some time off! The newsletter and podcast continued on their normal schedule.

We did make tweaks to our review of the best server monitoring tools for developers and right at the end of Aug published our second guide on the best website monitoring tools for developers. We're still experimenting with the layout and content structure for these pages.

Focus for September

Now we're back into things, September is about building the foundations for our commercial operations.

Whether big public companies, government agencies, startups or small businesses, developers subscribe to our newsletter, listen to our podcast and read our category reviews to find out which new and interesting tools they should try. We're aiming to partner with vendors who want to connect with our audience, such as by syncing reviews with new releases or offering exclusives such as access to beta programs or bonus credits.

In September we expect to publish more about how our advertising works and some case studies about existing partners.

We also have some plans for more website improvements, like the "Latest" newsletter page which shows the content of the newsletter each week.

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