Status update - 2021-07

Console status update - July 2021: podcast and category reviews.
Status update - 2021-07

This is a monthly series reporting on how things are going at Console. This post looks at what happened in July.

Focus for July

I wrote last month:

In July we'll be releasing our first three podcast episodes - one per week - starting on 8 July. We will also be continuing to work on the Tools section of the website to build out more in-depth reviews.

So how did we do?

Console DevTools Podcast

July kicked off with the release of our first DevTools Podcast episode. We're now 4 episodes into our first season of 10 episodes, where I discuss the tools featured in each newsletter with Jean Yang, CEO of Akita Software.

Category reviews

Although Console started as a weekly newsletter, we are also building out our website. In June we started publishing all our historical reviews on the tools page but we are now also starting to publish detailed reviews of the best tools in a category.

This started in July with the publication of our review of the best server monitoring tools for developers. I know the server monitoring category very well because I spent 8 years running a server monitoring SaaS startup, so it was a natural place to start! Our goal is to gradually cover every major category of developer tools, writing detailed reviews of the best tools in each one.

The category review pages are different from our newsletter reviews because they are much more in-depth and are designed for when a developer is specifically looking for tools in a category. The newsletter is more about discovery of something new and interesting, with no category focus.

We're writing the category review pages from the perspective of developers. One goal is to have these pages discovered through search, but our long term aim is for Console to be the place developers start at when they need to find new tools.

Server monitoring is just the first of these categories.

Screenshot of the category review page for The best server monitoring tools for developers

Focus for August

In August the newsletter and podcast episodes will continue on our normal schedule, but there will be no major releases because our team is taking some time off!

However, you can expect to see us working with some more commercial partners as we experiment with our business model. This involves a lot of internal foundational work such as preparing case-studies, coordinating materials with partners and agreeing commercial terms.

Whatever we do, we will only include things that would be of interest to experienced developers and do not accept payment for product inclusion. Where we feature exclusive deals from partners, they must first fit our selection criteria before we consider working with them.

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