Jobs Console Changelog 2023-02

Jobs Console product updates for 2023-02: Design refresh.
Jobs Console Changelog 2023-02

This is a regular update reporting changes we've released for Jobs Console, a product that helps developers find the best jobs. We continuously deploy code, so what have we done recently?

Refreshed design

We've spent the last ~6 weeks refreshing the product design to make it more like an app than a website. We've focused on improving the clarity of the flow so that it's easier to understand what is happening at each stage. This is particularly important on mobile because >50% of our users access the product from their phone.

The preferences section has been condensed and split into new pages to make it easier to link to and to contain each section within its own context.

Preferences sections are now their own pages.
Split out match config.
Subscription config.
Responsive subscription config with nav menu.

This includes changes to the match web view to make it clearer how the match applies to your preferences and what the next steps are to get introduced to the hiring manager. All of this is within the match email, but is reiterated on the web.

Match details.

Other changes

The match emails have been tweaked to include more information and highlight the next steps. If you have a Gravatar set then it shows in the top right as the drop menu, and several other minor tweaks to fonts, the text layout, and the footer have also been implemented.

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