Jobs Console Changelog 2022-11

Jobs Console product updates for 2022-11: Job matches.
Jobs Console Changelog 2022-11

This is a monthly update reporting changes we've released for Jobs Console, a product that helps developers find the best jobs. We continuously deploy code, so what did we do this month?

Job matches email

We only send developers an email when we have a matching job role and this is limited to one per week. This means the match email is really important!

We've continued to iterate on this email to include both our own take on the company and more detailed information about the position. There's more extracted from the engineering profile and there's the option to reject the match directly from the email. The company logo also makes it more colorful.

As always, your details are private until you register your interest in a job.

Part of the improved match email received by developers who fit a role.

Job matches web UI

We've revamped the web interface for reviewing matches to make it easier to navigate with longer engineering profile extracts and the company logo.

Web UI for reviewing a match as a developer.

Other changes

We've also made lots of smaller changes to things like the signup flow, how our match scoring works behind the scenes, and how the forms work within the app. We're iterating quickly as we get feedback, so let us know if you have any comments!

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