Jobs Console Changelog 2022-10

Jobs Console product updates for 2022-10: Job matches.
Jobs Console Changelog 2022-10

This is a monthly update reporting changes we've released for Jobs Console, a product that helps developers find the best jobs. We continuously deploy code, so what did we do this month?

Job matches

We've started sending the first matches out to the >1,000 developers who have signed up for the product so far. This means our focus has been on how the match flow works for developers and hiring managers.

We're working directly with some initial partners to list their jobs, so this starts with matches being generated and scored, then an email going out to each developer who looks like a good fit. We only send an email when there is a match based on the criteria set by the developer, and only one email per week (assuming there is a match).

New match email

If the developer is not interested in the job, that's it - they can just ignore the email. Developer profiles are completely private and cannot be searched by hiring managers.

If they're interested, they can click through to see more details about the job. The job is only shown to developers who match, so this is behind their web login.

Job details.

If you're interested in a job, you can provide some optional info like a website/GitHub URL and a very short cover letter. You can preview everything before it's sent and you must opt-in each time before your profile gets sent to a hiring manager.

Then it's over to the hiring manager. We have direct relationships with the hiring manager for each job, so you're not going in cold.

Registered interest

The hiring manager receives a similar email and can click through to see the details submitted by the developer. They have 10 days to decide if they'd like to speak with the developer. If so an intro email is sent. Then it's over the company to run their normal hiring process (which is described in every profile, so developers know what they're getting into).

Intro email when a developer and hiring manager both want to connect.

It's exciting to see these match emails going out - developers are already clicking through to read company engineering profiles. Now the full flow is getting real-world usage by both developers and hiring managers, we'll be reviewing feedback and working through improvements.

We're also onboarding new companies, so if you're not received a match notification yet then don't worry! We're gradually sending them out, and we won't bother you if there's not a good match yet.

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