Jobs Console Changelog 2022-09

Jobs Console product updates for 2022-09: Developer preferences.
Jobs Console Changelog 2022-09

This is a monthly update reporting changes we've released for Jobs Console, a product that helps developers find the best jobs. We continuously deploy code, so what did we do this month?

Developer preferences

We launched Jobs Console at the beginning of September and we're off to a great start! Developers can sign up for a profile and we're onboarding partners who want us to help them hire the best developers. Matches will start to be sent in October.

Although you could sign up and log in, there wasn't much else you could do except delete your account!

Preferences placeholder.

That has changed and we've released full developer preferences. You can now modify all of the match preferences set when signing up and manage your subscription preferences, snoozing emails for a set period or completely unsubscribing.

Manage full preferences.

When we send your profile details to the hiring manager you are anonymous by default. It may help you stand out if you include a GitHub profile, blog, or something else you'd like to show off, but this could deanonymize you. So we allow you to set some optional metadata, either ad-hoc from your preferences or when you flag interest in a job. This includes up to 3 showcase links, a cover letter, and your work history.

Set some extras, like showcase links and your work history.

Other changes

  • We saw some people trying to sign up with bad email addresses - mostly typos - so we now use an email verification library to check not just the email format, but that it is a real address.
  • If you haven't clicked the verify link after 24 hours, we now send a reminder email.
  • A Lighthouse audit revealed some accessibility problems we'd missed, so we fixed a few title properties and improved alt descriptions. We also fixed an issue with zoom hints.
  • We originally launched using SendGrid as our email delivery provider, but a large number of emails were bouncing due to their IPs being blocked. After some research, it seems this is a common issue due to SendGrid's poor sender management. We switched over to Postmark and that has been working without issues.

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