Introducing Beta Console

Discover the latest developer tool betas and early access releases with Beta Console.
Introducing Beta Console

Console is the place for developers find the best tools. Each week we select the most interesting tools and new beta releases for our newsletter.

To identify the latest releases we monitor over one thousand sources: the places you know and love like Hacker News, Reddit and Twitter, as well as hundreds of blogs, news sections and Git repositories for emerging and established tools. We are also recommended lots of tools and new releases by our subscribers.

By monitoring so many sources we have started to build a comprehensive view of everything of interest to developers - databases, devops, cloud, developer tools, and APIs.

Today we’re excited to launch of Beta Console - a comprehensive live list of every developer beta and early access release. The list is refreshed (at least) daily and every release we track will appear on this ever growing directory, allowing developers to browse the latest previews and be the first to try new tools.

Some of the latest releases on the Beta Console

You can currently find over one hundred tools on the list, covering new releases from the tools you’re probably familiar with like AWS, Cloudflare and GitHub, as well as beta releases from new companies like Brevy and Supabase. As releases go GA, we age them out at the bottom of the list so only live releases will appear.

The Beta Console is the first of a series of resources we plan to build to help developers find the best tools. We'd love to know what you think of it, and if you know of a release that currently isn’t on the Beta Console, please feel free to share it with us!

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